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People want to learn, grow and contribute...
Organizations want to grow their bottom line.

Accomplish both with the Confident Coach program.

Create an environment where people want to succeed.
People feel more valued and motivated at work when they know their manager is interested
in them and supports their efforts and goals.

the Confident Coach program trains managers how to have purposeful, respectful and results-focused interactions with staff that spark commitment and passion.

Two options:

Participate in
the Confident Coach Program
a 2 day program
Acquire certification in the
Train-the-Trainer Program
a 2 ½ day program

Learn how to:

  • engage staff from all generations
  • leverage the talents of all employees
  • achieve outstanding results

Ideal for:

  • Front-line managers, seasoned
    managers, human resource managers, sales managers, coaches, organizational consultants and trainers

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Learn how to:

  • present and deliver the program effectively to management teams at
    any level

Ideal for:

  • In-house and external coaches, consultants and trainers who want to make a significant impact on organizational culture.

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the Confident Coach
Program (pdf)
the Confident Coach
Program (pdf)

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