What's Your Gut Telling You?

Recent research in the fields of neuroscience and neuroplasticity help us to understand the incredible intelligence of the brain and most recently, the regenerative capacity of the brain. New research is emerging that shows that, as amazingly complex and intelligent the head brain is, it isn’t the only ‘brain’ in our body - the heart and the gut also have brains. When we make ‘smart’ decisions, all brains are firing and aligned and intuitively we ‘know’ we made the right choice. When there is congruence between what we think, feel and desire, we can live our lives with confidence, clarity and without regret. When we act from intuition, we experience success in all areas of our life – health, finances, career, relationships etc.

To leverage your intuition to be more successful, you need to develop a heightened sense of self-awareness. In this 1 hour presentation, you will learn strategies for enhancing your innate wisdom.

Specifically You Will Learn:

  • ™ The definition of intuition and how it differs from instinct.
  • ™ How to make smart decisions that balance information with intuition.
  • ™ The top 7 reasons we ignore our intuition and why we need to pay attention.
  • ™ 5 Strategies for enhancing your intuition

Some questions that will be answered include:

  • ™ Can anyone develop their intuitive sense?

  • ™ Are women more intuitive than men?

  • ™ Is your intuition ever wrong?

  • ™ How do I know I am acting from intuition?

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