Strategic Leadership

Do you have a strong desire for success for you, your team, your practice and/or organization? Learn the best practices of strategic leadership and lead with renewed confidence and purpose.  This session will help you to enhance your leadership ability by addressing purpose, process and passion, the three elements at the heart of strategic leadership. When all three are addressed they bring clarity and focus to what every successful leader should know: where their organization is headed; how it will get there; and how to engage their team to make it happen.

In this session you will specifically learn:

  • The key competencies and primary roles of a strategic leader (creator, catalyst, coach).
  • How to get clarity on where you want to take your business or organization.
  • How to engage your team in creating a compelling vision and purpose.
  • How to align day to day work and decision-making making with the strategic vision.
  • How to build excitement and passion for this vision with your people and create a broad base of ownership and commitment.

‘A strategic leader always has it eyes on the horizon, not just on the commitments close at hand.’

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