Organizational Surveys

OD Surveys Plus™ provides timely, relevant information on an organization’s priorities. Leadership Insight™ works closely with you to develop a survey that yields the type and quality of information that your company needs to align human resource strategies with organizational objectives.

These customized, cost-effective, online surveys are used to assess:

  • team dynamics
  • organizational culture and employee engagement
  • customer satisfaction

An annual employee engagement survey provides critical information to help re-vitalize your workplace and keep the organization current and relevant for the diverse employee base. If your organization has recently experienced an acquisition or merger, an organizational culture or climate survey will yield an accurate and objective picture of present state and desired future state helping you to redefine your culture and values.

Survey respondents access the survey via a designated website using a protected password. Anonymity is assured. Data can be collected and reported in a number of demographic categories: by department, union and non-union, management and employees.

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