Assessing Performance and Potential Using 360 Degree Feedback Surveys

Organizations from all sectors – public, private and not-for-profit face increasing pressure from shareholders and other key stakeholders to demonstrate greater transparency, efficiency and financial accountability. This has given rise to a demand for objective and rigorous measurement of individual, team and organizational performance.

For years, 360 Degree Feedback Surveys have been used successfully, across organizations to provide a reliable assessment of employee performance as part of an annual review. It is now gaining popularity as an effective measure of potential talent for development purposes.

hile many companies enthusiastically endorse 360 Degree Feedback Surveys as the survey of choice for assessing talent, some companies are reluctant to use this valuable tool. This stems from a lack of experience and knowledge of how to effectively design and execute a 360 Degree survey to ensure a positive, stress-free experience for all parties involved. Also, prior experience as a participant in a poorly executed 360 survey may also have contributed to management’s reluctance to deploy this assessment.

In this presentation I will outline the best practices for implementing stress-free 360 Degree Surveys, When a 360 Degree survey is carried out in a professional, systematic manner from start to finish, it yields valuable insight for the individuals being rated and a significant return on investment for the organization. With the introduction of user-friendly web-based survey technology, 360 Degree Surveys have become easier than ever to implement!

Participants will learn:

  • The key benefits of using 360 Degree Feedback Surveys.
  • How 360 Degree Feedback Surveys compare to other assessments.
  • Top 7 reasons why 360 Degree Feedback Surveys get a bad rap.
  • The most common applications for 360 Degree Feedback Surveys.
  • Key characteristics of effective 360 Degree Feedback Surveys.
  • How to gain support from senior management for this initiative.
  • How to generate enthusiasm and a high level of rater participation.
  • When to outsource all or part of a 360 Degree Feedback Survey implementation.

The presentation will incorporate power point presentation, audience participation via facilitated discussion of key points and mini exercises using examples of best/worst practices to test for knowledge.


This presentation will be of interest to Managers at all levels; professionals in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Talent Management, Training and Development; CEO’s of organizations that are experiencing a culture change and external Consultants and Coaches.

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