Talent Management

New Strategic Partnership

I am pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Transition Path Inc to provide my clients with a unique way to capture and transfer knowledge of key people. This essential service has relevance for all aspects of talent management and helps organizations to mitigate risks associated with retirements and turnover of any kind. Please read the Press Release here.


In support of your overall talent management strategy, Leadership Insight™ utilizes a variety of assessments to identify strengths and gaps in your talent pool, identify job requirements, and assess organizational culture. The results help to shape selection and development solutions, target high potential employees, and leverage the talent of more seasoned employees.

Leadership Insight works with you to ensure that your selection and retention strategies are aligned. We offer integrated, strategic solutions that touch on all stages of an employee’s life-cycle from selection through to succession including the comprehensive software program Talent Management Plus, to screen and match employees for any position in your organization. For more information click here.

Attracting and retaining top talent is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today. Transforming talent into performance is predicated on selecting for talent, “The Right Stuff” as cited by M. Buckingham and C. Coffman of the Gallup Organization in their book, ‘First Break All the Rules’

Too often companies hire for technical skills and fire for attitude. With turnover costs as high as 2-3 times a person’s annual salary, organizations are compelled to use consistent, objective and validated processes to make sure that they have the right people in the right roles - right from the beginning.

Once onboard, employees need to feel that what they do matters. Numerous studies on employee engagement , have shown that intangibles such as meaningful work, work-life balance, career growth, regular feedback and recognition for effort and results are often more important than material rewards in terms of motivating staff.


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