Create a Coaching Culture

The Manager is ‘the Medium and the Message’

It is a widely held belief that organizations will be faced with a significant talent deficit when Baby Boomers exit the workforce in a few years. Organizations can effectively address this challenge by implementing employee engagement and retention strategies aimed at retaining Gen X and Y. One such strategy is to develop a robust internal coaching culture where managers are trained and coached to acquire the skills and confidence to effectively ‘hire and inspire’ top talent at all levels.

Aside from the impending talent shortage, the greatest challenge facing many workplaces today is employee disengagement. According to the Gallop Poll, 29% of employees are fully engaged at work; 54% are neutral and all others are disengaged! There is no better time than the present to close this gap and no better person than the manager to deliver the message that employees count!

Solution... develop a coaching culture that trains managers how to ignite employee passion and transform talent into performance. Managers that embrace a coach- approach to leading understand the behaviours and strategies that make employees feel valued and connected to the organization. Engaged employees are more loyal and committed to achieving the organization’s goals and objectives (an accepted definition of engagement). In a study published by Hewitt Associates which tracked over 300 companies over 5 years, increases in employee engagement clearly preceded improvements in financial performance. Organizations that recognize the value of developing a coaching culture, experience a direct return on their investment.

It is estimated that 80-90% of individual learning comes from informal sources such as on the job experiences and coaching from an individual’s direct manager. As workplaces become more diverse and complex, managers will need to be more attuned to the behavioural needs and motivators of each staff member and the strategies to help them achieve their full potential.

This presentation will outline the benefits and process of developing an internal coaching culture by implementing multiple initiatives that are launched at ‘C’ level managers and cascade to front line managers. The objective is to make coaching an integral part of a manager’s day to day activities and a deliberate engagement and retention strategy.

Participants in this seminar will learn:

  1. The benefits to the organization of building internal coaching capability; and the personal benefits for the employee and the manager.
  2. Current trends in employee engagement.
  3. The top 5 characteristics of a coaching culture.
  4. Proven strategies for developing a coaching culture.
  5. How to get senior management onboard to support the shift to a coaching culture.
  6. Strategies to help overcome resistance to culture change.
  7. 3 key coaching capabilities of all successful coach-managers.

The seminar will incorporate a PowerPoint presentation, audience participation via facilitated discussion of key points and mini exercises to focus participants on the key barriers and opportunities for creating a coaching culture in their organization. This presentation will be of interest to Managers at all levels; professionals in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Talent Management and Training and Development; CEO’s of organizations of all sizes; and external Consultants and Coaches.

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