Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool that helps organizational leaders improve performance in these key areas:

  • Developing Potential Leaders.
  • Reducing Costs.
  • Selecting and Retaining Key Talent.
  • Succession Planning.
  • Creating an Engaged Workforce.
  • Improving Customer Loyalty and Retention.
  • Improving Company Flexibility and Responsiveness.
  • Increasing Innovation.


Lee Hecht Harrison surveyed 488 Human Resources professionals to learn how coaching is being used in their organizations. Here are the results of their survey:

  • 55% use coaching as a one-on-one process intended to maximize management and leadership potential.
  • 54% do so to change behaviours.
  • 36% use coaching for personal/psychological counselling.
  • 13% advise on appearance or attire.
  • 11% preparation for a major speech or presentation.


When coaching individuals within an organization, Leadership Insight™ considers an individual’s goals and values within the broader context of the organization’s goals, objectives, and culture.

We use:

  1. State-of the art assessments to identify gaps, needs and strengths.

  2. A disciplined and holistic coaching process.

  3. Supplementary e-learning tools and action/goal-setting programs.


Our coaching relationships are characterized by respect for each person, authentic open communication, accountability for results by the coachee, and absolute confidentiality.


The length of a coaching program can be customized to an individual’s and/or organization’s needs and budget. Coaching is delivered in a variety of modems: face-to-face meetings supplemented by telephone and email.


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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
 A quotation from Seneca


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