360 Degree Feedback Surveys


360 Degree Feedback Surveys are online assessments of an individual’s competence

as evaluated by him/herself, their peers, direct reports and manager. One of the chief benefits of a 360 review process is that it tends to add more objectivity than traditional methods where the manager is the only evaluator. 360 Degree Surveys are ideal for succession planning, employee development, performance evaluation and to assess leadership and coaching capability.


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Why should a company implement 360 Degree Feedback Surveys?

Identify high potential employees for leadership roles.
  • Address development opportunities and strengths.

  • Measure the aggregate capabilities of a collective group of managers.

  • Objectively measure a person's performance.

  • Develop a baseline of data for measuring the effectiveness of training or development initiatives (pre and post development).

Why should your company hire Leadership Insight to implement your 360 Degree Survey?

Experienced and professional consultants design and implement the surveys.

  • Full and complete survey administration is available.
  • Complete customization of questions, categories, rating scale and report structure.
  • Password protected surveys ensures anonymity.
  • Easy to interpret reports-4 types available: Mean Average, Frequency, Written Comments and Favourable/Unfavourable Scores.
  • Facilitated group debrief sessions and one-on-one debrief sessions ensure staff is comfortable with their results.
  • Cost-effective and efficient process that can be implemented in 2-4 weeks

Typically a 360 Degree Survey is conducted yearly to effectively track and measure progress of in individual's performance and determine development opportunities.


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